My DA!!!!

My project is become YouTube and explain about car technology could have been in 10 to 15 or 20 years ago. As we all know that car tech has developing during time since normal car to cruise control then self-driving car in nowadays. Background of my DA is based on my own interested. I’m a big fan of car news and car tech, I’ve seen they are improving during time in terms of performance and gadgets. For example, entertainment screen that getting smarter and more functional during time. I’ve watched a lot of car tech video on YouTube and it’s heavily inspired me. My method was changing during time from the started. I was going to make a video like “Vlog” just filming myself talking to the camera and give a full of information. That was my first prototype ever. However, during the editing I asked my girlfriend to watch the prototype. She told me that, the video is quite boring and long. I was thinking about putting some graphic in my video and I found “Pow toon”. Pow toon is online platform that able you to make graphic slide and I think it will be awesome for my video. So, the content of my first video was about “self-driving car”. However, I felt that this topic isn’t catch enough of my attention. I moved on to “Hybrid technology” because it’s fascinating how human aware about their source that will run out in one day (patrol). This is very futuristic because the vision about external source or another method to replace the old method that ruining the world. This shows how technology has develop over itself.

After all the research have done, I started make the pow toon slide which takes me 5-6 hours straight without editing. The recording process took 2 hours for me to get the perfect recording. All process took 10 hours for me to make the video (not including research process) which is quite a long time for 6 mins video and here is my link. This subject gives me an opportunity to become YouTuber which is what I wanted to do. I only watched these videos and I felt awesome, when I became one of the creators. I didn’t receive a lot of views for my video but for me, this is successful since I started to do what I wanted to do. The video was turning out really well and very educational but the way to success on YouTube is “tagging” and “promotion”. My future plan is to keep doing more content and improve the video content to be more interesting in the future. Also looking to some platform that I also can promote my video as well.


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